2021 Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society (scheduled)

2021 EFMA (scheduled)

2021 Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference (Virtual, scheduled)

2021 Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference (FMCG) (Virtual, scheduled)

PhD-EVS seminar (Virtual)


CEC Sailing Plan

Third Conference on Law and Macroeconomics (Virtual)

University of Reading internal seminar

CEC 5th Hangzhou virtual seminar (Virtual)


2019 Asian and Australasian Society of Labour Economics (AASLE) Conference, Singapore

“The Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions and Policies on Corporate Decisions" conference, Guangzhou, China

2019 Singapore Economic Review Conference (SERC), Singapore

2019 International Conference of Taiwan Finance Association (TFA, 2019), Taiwan

CEC 9th Wuhan Seminar, China